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The leading Latin Music Entertainment Company in Israel

Salsa * Cuban Music * Reggaeton * Latin Pop/ Rock * Latin Jazz & more

Shows for Festivals, Theaters, Clubs, Events & Conventions

Latin Power Productions is a World Class Music Company based in Tel Aviv, specialized in high quality Latin American Music and Entertainment Productions. With a unique combination we mix different styles like: Salsa, Latin Pop, Cuban Music, Latin Jazz, Reggeaton, Latin Rock, Folklore and many more.

We guarantee 100% success and excellence to various types of Shows, matching the right characteristic to the determined audience, from big productions in Festivals and Theaters, to exiting shows in Clubs and big/ small Venues, and even treating with the same quality every Special Private Event.

Since 2011 We produced & performed amazing local & International Concerts including unforgettable Shows by Tito Puente Jr , Efrain Toro (Puerto Rico),  Grammy Award Winner Samuel Torres (Colombia/ NYC), Special Concert at the Tel Aviv Opera House with Maria de Barros (Cabo Verde), An spectacular Show with Grammy Award Winner Marlow Rosado (Puerto Rico) & the Latin Power Orchestra, U.S.A Tour by Fernando Knopf NYC Quintet, a special Show at the Philadelphia World Music & Jazz Festival , Tour with legendary Latin Jazz Masters Papo Vazquez (NYC) & Chuchito Valdes (Cuba), Zinc Bar Jazz Club NYC, Café Wha New York, dozens of Sold Out Shows with the "Tribute to the BVSC" by Latin Power all over, including big Venues, Clubs and International Jazz & Salsa Festivals, featuring Chilean Lead Singer Italo Gonzalez,   Sandton Conventions Center, Johannesburg, South Africa, The Israeli Parliament (The Knesset), Our New Show of "Latin Pop Hits & Reggaeton", Concert at the "Tel Aviv Jazz Festival 2017" by Fernando Knopf Quintet,  "La Portena Tango Trio" (Buenos Aires/ Madrid) Saxophonist Miguel Zenon (Puerto Rico/ NYC), Jazz singer Nancy King, Singer Deborah Brown, Saxophonist Willie Williams, Carlitos Maldonado, Missa Criolla with Ensamble Latino Americano, The Tel Aviv Jazz Big Band, The Israel Chamber Orchestra, Singer/ Actor Tsahi Halevi & The Latin Power band, Concerts at the Red Sea Jazz Festival (Eilat, Israel) , Salsa Festivals, Latin Music Parties, Private and Corporate Events and many more...

Also performed with Israeli Top Artists including: Matti Caspi, Shalom Hanoch, Rita, David Broza, Shlomo Idov, Yoram Gaon, Yehuda Eder, Tsahi Halevi, Mira Awad, Din Din Aviv, Marina Maximilian and many more.


Fernando Knopf  is the Executive Producer & Musical Director at Latin Power Productions since the beginning in 2011, with a vast experience in putting together local & International Productions, Arranging, Directing & Managing Groups/ Bands/ Orchestras of top of the line Productions and Artists, Dancers and Video Art productions with a solid international background.


Always bringing the best Latin Music with passion, excellence & Love ! 

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